Complex maintenance of your forest


for private and common property forest owners

Professional forestry management

within all EU countries

Organizing and controlling

of all woodmarking, woodcutting and planting work

Professional team

experienced forestry industry workers from Czech Republic and France (Orléans, Lyon, Grenoble)

Wood trading

good quality round timber – oak, pine, spruce, larch – selling for the best possible profit of the forest owners

Burning wood

production and selling of split or stack firewood – oak, beech, hornbeam, locust, chestnut

Wood moving cableway

for waterlogged, difficult and not easily accessible terrain

Individual or group hunting

professional organizing of hunting for individuals or groups in the Czech Republic, within all EU countries and outside EU or within your own hunting district (experienced dog-handlers, hunting buglers, full respect to hunting traditions, king of the hunt ceremony etc.)

Wine enthusiasts tour

I also offer organizing trips to wine cellars in Southern Moravia region of the Czech Republic


If you ask for I can provide in details to:

  • Lesy České republiky, s.p. LS Černá hora
  • Lesy města Brna,a.s.
  • Lesia,a.s. - RWA Reiffeisen
  • Tomava, Ltd.
  • Activ wood, Ltd.
  • Empo Holz, Ltd.
  • Lesy Horňácko, Ltd.
  • Malesspol, Ltd.
  • Prohunting, Ltd. -
  • Larix in France -
  • Private and common property forest owners in the Czech Republic and France (Sologne/Orleans region)